Who we are?

OUVERT develops and shares ecolonomy* with companies and communities around the world.

with companies and communities around the world.

With them, we are moving away from the obsolete "produce - consume - throw away model" to build a proposal that respects the health of living beings and the ecology.
By our side, our customers enter into circularity, reduce their environmental footprint, improve their living environment and make financial savings.

With them, we are moving away from the obsolete "produce - consume - throw away model"

The Ecolonomy* bureau
We cover: building projects/renovations, mobility, energy, water management, waste management, biodiversity and ecodesign. We work transversally on your products or services, your processes, your building or your territory. We draw up a technical study and accompany you in the implementation of innovative ecolonomical solutions.

Ecolonomy* becomes an opportunity for development, experimentation and fulfilment.

Your support has a real impact on our

food industry manager

A committed and multidisciplinary team

Engineers in the fields of life sciences, industry and development, specialists in eco-construction and eco-design, and farmers in permanent agriculture. Experienced entrepreneurs who have been inventing and applying ecolonomy* as a team for twenty-five years. The areas of interest of each team member complement each other to bring a global vision to the subjects and projects dealt with.


is the inventor of ecolonomy. He has been leading the development of Pocheco for 25 years. He extends this experience by participating in the missions of the Ouvert office, which he co-founded. He is an author and lecturer.

Emmanuel Druon


is an engineer and co-founder of the Ouvert office. She ensures the development of the office and the missions of ecolonomical analysis necessary to build the transition project.

Elodie Bia


manages Pocheco's sales. With the Ouvert office, he dives deep into the heart of organizations to engage their teams in the ecolonomical transition.

Jan Buescher


is an environmental engineer specialized in land planning. He assists company teams to make them actors of the ecolonomic transition. He is particularly involved in missions related to mobility.

Edouard Sellier


is an ecodesigner (specialist in ecodesign). He carries out life cycle assessment (LCA) studies and carbon balances. He also works on sustainable mobility consulting missions.

Kévin Franco


is an environmentalist. He specializes in the ecological management of green spaces. He assists companies and local authorities on this subject and makes it a key point to preserve biodiversity.

Julien Verny


through her experience in event management, organizes meetings, creates links, coordinates. She promotes good ideas, ecolonomical practices and develops the necessary methods to accelerate the transition.

Malika Beyragued


is an environmental and agricultural engineer. He is trained in the global cost of building and energy. He is involved in missions related to the environmental optimization of buildings and their adaptation to uses.

Thomas Merle


is a permaculter. He develops gardening projects by assisting future farmers in the conception, design and launch of their permacultural space.

Antoine Bocquet


has been in charge of equipment improvement at Pocheco for 30 years (the Géo Trouvetou of Pocheco !). Expert in process and building, he now puts his experience at the service of the customers of the Ouvert office. Financial engineer with a tri-lingual education.

Franck Desnoeck


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