Pocheco Envelopes

Since 1928 Pocheco teams have been producing paper envelopes for industrial use.

Our transactional envelopes for high speed inserting machines are distributed throughout Europe. Banks, insurance companies and mutual insurance companies, telephone companies and public services send bills, statements and account statements in tens of millions each year in a "Pocheco", which means: the high-quality, recyclable, biodegradable and zero waste envelope.

“ The "Pocheco" is produced in France with the energy of the sun and the wind and a committed team.”

The "Pocheco" is designed and produced in the ecolonomic factory of Forest sur Marque in the suburbs of Lille, North of France. Paper fibres, water-based inks, vegetable glues, recyclable cardboard boxes, returnable wooden packaging and transport boxes, all the raw materials that make up the "Pocheco" and its packaging are selected to promote productivity and to preserve the ecology.

Our envelopes are reliable all year round because the recipe is stable and proven by nearly 100 years of experience.

“ Together with our customers we invented the ecolonomy. It is more economical to produce in an environmentally friendly way.”

To produce in the 21st century at Pocheco is necessarily to undertake without destroying. We activate creativity to put it at the service of industrial sobriety. With this original recipe, we guarantee the best quality-price ratio on the market.

The team reacts immediately to any request. We program long series on the most efficient machines, we invest the profits in training, the best raw materials, preventive maintenance of the equipment and never pay any dividends.

Of course we manufacture custom-made bespoke products according to the special requirements of our customers. We will consider any request in under 8h00. Financially independent we are known for the precision of our services and the professional and personalized reception of our team. Our customers remain so on average 20 years. Our commitment to ecology integrates and exceeds the most demanding regulatory standards.
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