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News - November 2020

Les rencontres de l'écolonomie, special edition

Suscribe to our two new webinars on November 5th :

1PM : Interview with Nelly Pons, for the release of her book Océan Plastique, Actes Sud.


A 8:30PM : The transformation in the company, with Muriel Pénicaud, french ambassador in the OECD.



How do we break out of the model of “creative destruction” imposed by today's society?

Pocheco makes industry without destroying, produces without leaving any toxical trace thanks to the ecolonomy, the method we have been using for 25 years.

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What's Ecolonomy?

It is the art of reducing its impact on the environment while improving social conditions and saving money.

"It's more economical to produce in an environmentally friendly way"


Pocheco's 5 commitments

  • One tree cut down,
    ten trees planted.

  • Zero waste factory, ecolonomical.

    Negative of 36,000 tons of CO2 per year Production 100% North

  • Zero plastic product,
    zero solvent water inks,
    free of heavy metals.

  • Zero gas, zéro oil,
    60% of the energy
    produced on the roof.

  • Water glue,
    zero animal products

"Our products come from the North of France. Made by the energy of the wind, the sun and a committed team. They contain only renewable resources. »

Recyclable, biodegradable and zero waste envelope

Do you know our envelopes?

Our 100% biodegradable envelopes are produced in a zero-impact factory and contribute to the development of European forests.

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Recyclable, biodegradable and zero waste envelope

Are your inserting machines running at maximum speed?

The mechanical and graphical qualities of our envelopes are stable and constant. They are designed to withstand your mailroom’s processing allowing you to reach your maximum level of productivity.

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Bags (really) biodegradable 

You're committed to human health, why not to preserving the planet?

Zero Waste are 100% recyclable resealable bags dedicated to pharmacists.

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Zero Waste

The workshop of your mail

Is your mail a hell to deal with?

GoPost collects, prints, inserts and bundles your mail and gives you access to the industrial rate.

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Office of Ecolonomy

Do you want to reduce your environmental impact while saving money at the same time?

No more theories! We share with you the proven solutions we have implemented in our factory.

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Fol Espoir 01

Place of Ecolonomy

Would you also like to dive into the world of Pocheco?

Au Fol espoir 200 places to host your seminars and events.

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Place of Ecolonomy

Are you looking for a seminar room in line with your ecological commitments for 200 people?

The Fol Espoir welcomes up to 200 people in a meeting room or cocktail format, in a room fully equipped with technology, made of natural wood, recycled concrete, green roof, opening onto a garden.

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Fol Espoir 02
Fol Espoir 03

Place of Ecolonomy

Do you want to understand how a factory works in an ecolonomical way?

As a simple guided tour or to enhance your seminar we organize conferences and tours of the ecolonomical factory.

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Place of Ecolonomy

How do you reconnect with nature?

Experiment Permaculture!

A pedagogical approach for children and adults in training. Enhance green spaces, cultivate & eat healthy. An oasis, a place of biodiversity, in an industrial environment.

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Fol Espoir 04
Canopée Reforestation

Would you like to help us reforest the North, the least wooded region in France?

Would you like to help us reforest the North, the least wooded region in France?

The association plants hedges, groves, and fruit trees with citizens to create biological corridors and to promote the protection and reproduction of transhumant species.

More information: Alice tel : +33 (0)3 20 61 30 65 -

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« Pocheco support the part’ages association ». Founded and led by Mehdi who worked for 7 years at Pocheco.


How to reduce its impact on the environment while improving social conditions and saving money.


Join us from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM 6:00 PM

13 Rue des Roloirs,
59510 Forest-sur-Marque

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