AG2R La Mondiale

Imagining tomorrow's commute

The AG2R La Mondiale group commissioned Kévin and Edouard to identify alternative mobility opportunities to the private car for the teams at their 20 largest sites all over France. A first mapping study allows us to identify the proportion of employees with easy access to public transport, bicycle paths, or to their colleagues (for carpooling).

We enrich this first theoretical approach with meetings with the employees of the studied sites. Each region has its own specificities, so you don't pedal as easily in the outskirts of Toulouse as you do in Lille! These meetings are also privileged moments to understand what links us to our car.

Each meeting gives rise to the drafting of a figured action plan, co-written with the participants in the working groups. The whole is included in a national action plan, which takes into account the specificities of each site.

Technical datasheet

  • Client : AG2R LA MONDIALE
  • Workforce : 7 219 people
  • Mission : Commute study
  • Scope : Metropolitan France
  • Period : 2018 – 2020

7 219 personnes

7 219 personnes

France métropolitaine


Metropolitan France