Accelerating the CSR approach

The L'OREAL group calls on our team to implement the ecolonomy approach in its factories. The Caudry site, in the North of France, will be the demonstrator of this approach.

The ecological diagnosis interacts with the subjects of water, energy, waste and outdoor spaces. Based on this diagnosis and exchanges with the plant's teams, we build together the project named TOMORROW.

40 volunteers have been spotted. They become the internal relays of the process. We raise their awareness and train them. With the support of the plant manager, they gain the legitimacy to propose ideas, manage budgets and monitor the implementation of ecolonomical actions.

Results: a biobased building, self-sufficient in water and energy, emerges at the factory entrance. It is a demonstrator, and gives a strong signal as to the future development of the plant. The green spaces are managed in a eco-friendly way, and eco-grazing and fruits and vegetables gardening are taking place. Waste is managed in a circular way.

The transition plan is already drawn up and monitored, the change is taking place.

Technical datasheet

  • Contracting authority support : L'Oréal
  • Location : Caudry (59, North)
  • Number of employees : 500 people
  • Mission : Contracting authority support
  • Team : Ouvert
  • Period : 2017 - 2020
  • Surface : 17 hectares

Caudry (59, Nord)

2017 - 2020

17 hectares