Eco-school approach

The Saint Sauveur school in Lille, under the impetus of its director, the pedagogical team and the parents of the students, wishes to develop the eco-school approach. This work will involve renovating the school. For the team we are meeting, the ambition is fourfold: to improve the well-being of the occupants, reduce the energy bill, and be part of the biodiversity development approach carried by the city of Lille while raising the students' awareness of the environment.

Thus, feeding hedges are replacing the traditional fences while biosourced insulation is being slipped under the new wooden cladding to meet the needs for thermal comfort and reduced operating costs. Biodiversity takes place even on the school's roofs, which are now planted with plants, where insects rub shoulders with the newly installed photovoltaic panels. To meet the possible water needs of this new vegetation, the school is considering the recovery of rainwater from its roofs.

Finally, the awareness of the students through the framework in which they study is reinforced by the implementation of projects related to waste management and sorting.

Technical datasheet

  • Contracting authority : Saint Sauveur school
  • Students : 2 130
  • Mission : Eco-school approach
  • Team : Ouvert, Matthieu Marty
  • Period : 2019 – 2020

Ecole Saint Sauveur de Lille

2 130

Ouvert, Matthieu Marty

Ouvert, Matthieu Marty

2019 – 2020