Inventing the new factory

In order to face the development of its activity, the company MOBILWOOD expresses the need to completely revise its factory. We are working with the teams on site to imagine what the new MOBILWOOD plant could become: production areas, Montessori school, permaculture gardening areas, training centre, etc.

Thus, the entire project is part of an ecolonomical approach in line with the values defended by the company's team. Moreover, MOBILWOOD is already engaged in a hollacratic type of governance (hollacracy: shared governance).

The OUVERT team worked on the development of the place and the renovation of the buildings, seeking to achieve autonomy in renewable electricity, heating and water. The waste from the new plant is all given a second life, and the project is integrated into its territory.

Technical datasheet

  • Contracting authority : Mobilwood
  • Mission : Assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage
  • Year : 2017
  • Value of the works : 11 millions €
  • Surface : 9 hectares
  • Location : Cravant (89, Yonne)

Assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage

  • Période : 2018 – 2020


Montant des travaux

9 hectares