Building tomorrow's mobility together

The very purpose of this family-owned industrial group holding company - which includes the Norauto and Midas brands - is to address mobility management issues. MOBIVIA called on our team to build, with its employees, a mobility plan from A to Z, i.e. from the survey on the travel habits of its teams to the deployment of the jointly drafted action plan.

For this, after having carried out the mobility diagnosis of the site, we shared within working groups practical solutions that we knew, to feed the reflection on actions to be implemented at MOBIVIA. Based on this work, we built the action plan specific to the needs of the company's teams.

We have developed an awareness strategy based on communication, and on the company's parking policy. Finally, our team produced an estimate of the modal shift from individual car commute to alternative commute, to 2020.

Contracting authority

  • Contracting authority : Mobivia
  • Client : 700 peoples
  • Mission : Commute study
  • Year : 2016
  • Location : Lesquin (59, Nord)

Contracting authority

Commute study