ISEN (Institut Supérieur de l’électronique et du Numérique) de Lille

Animate the school's reception area

The hall of the ISEN (Institut Supérieur de l'Electronique et du Numérique) needed to be rethought in order to play its full role: to welcome. Previously a simple passageway between inside and outside, the furniture installed now allows the stop, the break. It provides light and offers to recharge your mobile phone. Mobile, it can be reconfigured at will, in the hall or elsewhere. For the occasion, a café area has been defined, covered with natural cork to display all the information on the life of the school. The view between the co-working space and the entrance is now clear, so that the ISEN demonstrator can take its place as a major area of the school.

It was a good opportunity to green this hall: a plant wall and mobile plant containers now cover the place.

One of the furnitures contains a sophisticated video projection tool, which allows students to experiment the digital tools taught at ISEN.

Technical datasheet

  • Contracting authority : Yncréa / Isen Lille
  • Amount of the work : 115 000 €
  • Surface area : 150 m²
  • Mission : Design / Realization / Project management
  • Year : 2018