The small pharmacy bag
The small pharmacy bag
The small pharmacy bag

The small pharmacy bag

The small pharmacy bag 

Kraft 90g/m²: 120mm x 240mm + 2 gussets of 50mm per box of 800 units

The small bag has been eco-designed by POCHECO with a group of pharmacists in order to meet the requirements of pharmacies for both packaging such as masks or packaging of small drugs. The small paper bag will ensure the security of your products with its sealable closing flap and will provide confidentiality of the prescription thanks to its paper originating from France in unbleached kraft of superior quality 90g/m² and by supporting our industrial know-how.

The small bag is ideal for use in pharmacies to package small medicines in a way that respects human health and the planet.  

Delivery in France 2-3 working days.

Tax included
76,64 €

Height: 240 mm
Width: 120 mm
Side gussets: 50 mm
Closure: gummed (mechanizable) that activates with water
Box of 800 units
Brown kraft paper from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, PEFCTM certified - 90g/m
Printed message: "Your pharmacist is committed".
Water based glue
Ink based on natural pigment, i.e. zero chemicals and zero pollutants
Water: rain water
100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable
1 tree cut = 10 trees replanted according to local biodiversity
Manufactured at POCHECO in the North of France without fossil fuel or fissile energy with a committed team.

POCHECO is the first SME to hold the quadruple certification: QSEE according to the new standards. 

12 x 24 x 5 cm
Boîte de 800

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