Ecolonomical vision

T&B orchards grow apples and pears in the heart of one of the most naturally fertile agricultural regions (the silt deposited on the sandy clay soil of this western end of the Paris basin) of France. The company's team implements working methods that are very much oriented towards respect for the individual and the care taken with the soil and fruit trees.

As part of the reinforcement of its ecological transition, the team called upon Elodie Bia to imagine together, the transformation of the site. The participation of a dozen people from the company in creative sessions allows us to envisage the creation of a gardening area in permaculture, instead of regularly mowed green spaces. The T&B VERGERS team then proposes to form a partnership with the neighbouring association that supports disabled people. By equipping the roof with photovoltaic panels, the building could also produce its own energy.

Another project is related to the creation of an extension building whose materials and construction methods respect the rules of ecologically sound construction. These materials are sourced locally, such as raw earth bricks, harvested by digging the foundations, which allow the atmosphere to be tempered without complex and energy-intensive air-conditioning processes. T& B VERGERS has chosen to put the priority on energy. Today, more than 1,000 m² of solar panels cover the roof.

Note from the ouvert team: "It is true that the concept of "happy culture" developed by the T& B VERGERS team feels at every meeting, for us T& B VERGERS carries an original and very coherent project. »

Technical datasheet

  • Contracting authority : T&B Vergers
  • Year : 2017
  • Mission : Industry of the future
  • Location : Saulty (62, Pas de Calais)



Industrie du futur

Saulty (62, Pas de Calais)

Saulty (62, Pas de Calais)

Saulty (62, Pas de Calais)